What’s Next in Media with Kim Patel

Episode 13

Old brands, new brands, big brands, small brands: It turns out they’re all making a lot of the same mistakes when it comes to producing digital content. Invest heavily in video, or double down on written articles with an actual voice? The choice isn’t always so clear, but we found one guest who would know better than just about anyone else.

On this episode of The Media Mindset, VICE Global Director of Strategy and Forbes 30 Under 30 listmaker Kim Patel joins to chat on everything in digital content. Where are brands winning online? How are millennials interacting with today’s news cycles? And how can media powerhouses keep readers engaged when we have more options than ever when it comes to where we get our content?

Kim has helped build and spearhead some of VICE’s biggest and widest-ranging integrations in decades, and she brings both business savvy and a to-the-point attitude to our conversation. Learn what she thinks media companies are doing well, along with what’s TOTALLY missing the mark in serving today’s readers and viewers (after all, video is now king!). And find out where Kim thinks brands can win online over the next 5, 10, and even 20 years.

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Special thanks to Kim Patel for the wonderful conversation!


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