The Ultimate Guide to Influencers with Kamiu Lee

Episode 10

What does it mean to be an influencer? How many followers do you need? Are “micro-influencers” real? And how, exactly, should brands work with individuals on social media? (Hint: There are definitely some WRONG ways to do it.)

If anyone can answer these questions, it’s Kamiu Lee, CEO of ACTIVATE (previously known as Bloglovin’). ACTIVATE works with more influencers than almost any other company in the world, connecting them with brands to tell authentic and compelling stories via social media.

In the last year, they’ve activated over 75,000 influencers and worked with brands like Burberry and Gucci to take these campaigns to the next level. Kamiu spoke with us on how the company grew from humble beginnings into a vertically integrated organization that employees data scientists and proprietary technology to leverage influence unlike ever before.

Curious how to leverage influencers for your brand, or just want to know how some of the world’s biggest companies are doing it at scale? This is one podcast you won’t want to miss!

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Special thanks to Kamiu Lee for the wonderful conversation!


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