The Future and Sustainable Food with Johnny Bowman

Episode 12

What is the future of food? What will we be eating 10, 20, and 50 years from now? How (and where) will it be grown and produced? And how does public perception of food need to change? These are all questions Johnny Bowman, COO of Brooklyn-based Edenworks, wrestles with each and every day.

At Edenworks, Johnny helps lead teams dedicated to building the future of sustainable, urban farming. Edenworks grows greens and fish in their Brooklyn headquarters, constantly optimizing efficiency and reducing waste so that their model can spread worldwide. In Johnny’s eyes, the future of farming and the end of urban food deserts will likely go hand-in-hand as communities are equipped to produce fresher, healthier produce and protein right where they live.

It’s a task that has its own particular technological, economic, and ethical questions. In this episode of The Media Mindset, we dive into the challenges Edenworks works to overcome in the realms of food production AND public perception of what’s for dinner. Learn how Johnny thinks content will play a role in changing eating patterns for billions of people worldwide — and why the time to start grappling with these questions is now.

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Special thanks to Johnny Bowman for the great interview!


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