The Evolution of Knowledge with Digital Courses Guru Chris Castiglione

Episode 4

When Chris Castiglione started One Month in 2013, he was teaching coding on the side. But insane, unexpected, and fervent interest in that initial course proved there was something bigger afoot. People wanted to learn new skills online, and they really wanted a resource that could guide them through that first 30 days of learning, along with recommendations on where to go next.

Six years later, and One Month has evolved numerous times across a range of topics, but its central mission has circled back to that first-ever course: Give learners a foundation and launchpad to begin a longer road to mastery. Along the way, Chris has (somehow!) found the time to launch the successful On Books podcast, where he gets up close and intellectual with the world’s most popular authors. Plus check out his recently launched podcast Learn To Code!

We’ve all heard the cliche: Learning is a lifelong pursuit. But that’s traditionally only been true for the feThe Evolution of Knowledge through Digital Courses Guru Chris Castiglionew with the time, resources, and connections to turn learning into a hobby. For centuries, continued education was a luxury. The digital age has turned that convention on its head, and Chris’ work is at the forefront of that shift.

Our conversation with Chris is one you won’t want to miss. Learn how learning itself is evolving, and how the internet will continue changing the fundamental ways we use and absorb information.

In Episode 4, you’ll learn about:

  • The founding story behind Chris’ company One Month (2:00)
  • A key failure in One M0nth’s early course catalogue that shaped their strategy going forward (8:21)
  • How customer expectations have changed due to the proliferation of online courses (15:02)
  • And much, much more!

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Special thanks to Chris Castiglione  for joining us. Until next episode!


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