Meet the Team: Rose MacDowell, Chief Research Officer at Sleepopolis.com

JAKK Media’s Sleepopolis.com is the internet’s go-to source for sleep products reviews and news, and it’s also a growing hub for the best information on sleep science and research! At the helm of that content is Rose MacDowell, a journalist, writer, and researcher with a passion for helping people sleep better. She’s also the driving force behind Sleepoplis’ Expert Network, a collection of physicians, scientists, and specialists who help verify the site’s research-focused content.

We sat down with Rose to talk a bit about her role and where she thinks content is headed!

Name: Rose MacDowell

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO, home of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, an auto race up the side of a mountain with 156 turns and almost no guardrails

Current City: New York City

Secret Talent: Appearing alert without caffeine

Favorite Travel Destination: Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Tell us a little about what you do at JAKK Media!

As Chief Research Officer for Sleepopolis, I spend my days digging deep into the science of sleep and writing about sleep spindles, microsleeps, and other fascinating subjects you don’t usually see in the headlines (but should!). I’m also building a network of experts to verify our sleep education content and comment on sleep-related subjects for news pieces.

What’s a favorite project so far?

Writing about the surprisingly serious topic of sleep debt. The term doesn’t do justice to the effects of poor sleep, which can be permanent after just a few lost hours. I’ll never look at an all-nighter the same way again!

What is something you think will change about digital content in the next five years?

I think a lot of substandard content will disappear and the quality of content will increase dramatically. While a lot of sleep science content can be vague and repetitive, there’s some really great stuff being written by doctors and science writers. I hope there will be a lot more content of that caliber in the future.

Are there any skills you want to learn or develop more at JAKK?

I’d love to bring my fascination with sleep science to video, so more people can learn how crucial sleep is to their health. I imagine a series of informative videos that make complex topics like slow-wave sleep and chronic insomnia accessible and easy to understand.

All of JAKK’s sites feature collaborative teams. What’s something impactful you’ve learned from another person at JAKK Media?

From David Tao, I learned to approach my writing with the goal of producing not just good content, but the best content available. Now when I finish an article I ask myself, is this better than other articles on this subject? Is it as thorough and engaging as I can make it?

Favorite spot to eat in NYC?

Hanoi House in the East Village. There’s nothing better than the shaking beef and a cocktail at the bar.

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