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Meet the Team: Marten Carlson, Content Manager at Mattress Clarity

Marten hails from Franklin, Indiana. He is a Content Manager with Mattress Clarity where he reviews sleep products and covers sleep news. He received his Bachelor’s in Film Production from Denison University and his Master’s in Film Theory & History. He has worked with Consequence of Sound as a freelance film critic and interviewer. When he is not writing digital content, Marten is busy telling stories of of the horror variety. His film, Starlets, is currently making the festival rounds, and he is excited to film his next project this summer.

Name: Marten Carlson
Home Town: Franklin, Indiana
Current City: Austin, Texas
Secret Talent: I can speak conversational Swedish.
Favorite Travel Destination: My cabin in Northern Wisconsin

Tell us a little about what you do at JAKK Media!

I am a Content Manager at Mattress Clarity. I write mattress, bedding, and other sleep product reviews. I also star in review and instructional videos. Finally, I cover news on sleep science, the bedding industry, and lifestyle topics.

What’s a favorite project so far?

I really enjoyed writing and filming the instructional video: How To Put On A Duvet Cover. It’s amazing how many basic household skills I have learned working here at JAKK. There are so many cool tricks to making a comfortable and soothing sleep space.

What is something you think will change about digital content in the next five years?

Having spent time testing out Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, I think this is going to have a major impact on digital content. I have also read that, by 2022, VR and AR will be utilized daily by many consumers. I think we’re going to see a lot more content geared toward this new technology. It’s exciting to think about the creative possibilities.

Are there any skills you want to learn or develop more at JAKK?

I would like to hone my journalistic and interview skills here at JAKK. It is always interesting to speak with sleep researchers, but I would like to improve my interview tactics and my ability to clearly report on more complicated sleep science.

All of JAKK’s sites feature collaborative teams. What’s something impactful you’ve learned from another person at JAKK Media?

Josh Pelletier and Joe Auer have taught me quite a bit about the ins and outs of SEO. I had no idea how changing one keyword can really affect the success of a YouTube or Facebook post. It is something I find particularly fascinating, and I learn more about it everyday.

Favorite spot to eat in NYC/Austin?

My favorite spot to eat in Austin would probably be Valentina’s BBQ. It is a Tex-Mex/BBQ fusion restaurant that makes some life-changing brisket.

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