Levi Barrie

Meet the Team: Levi Barrie, Editor and Videographer at JAKK Media

Levi Barrie is a visual artist focused primarily on cinematography, video editing, photography, and photo editing. He was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and moved to Galveston, Texas as a teenager, later attending film school at The University of Texas at Austin. He’s created many film and photography projects, ranging from commercials and short films to live music and portrait photography.

Levi currently resides in Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn. He spends his free time doing… well, more filmmaking and photography work, hanging out with friends, listening to podcasts, seeking out great music, staying up to date with tech news, and exploring New York City.

Name: Levi Barrie
Home Town: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Current City: Brooklyn, NY
Secret Talent: I write poetry a lot and rarely share it… does that count?
Favorite Travel Destination: Lyon, France

Tell us a little about what you do at JAKK Media!

I do a number of different things at JAKK, and that’s what makes working here so engaging and fun. For Security Baron, I primarily film and edit the brand’s video content. In addition to my work on Security Baron, I also produce, film, and edit JAKK’s Media Mindset podcast. Outside of that, I’m always brainstorming new methods of engaging our audiences and enhancing their experience with both properties.

What’s a favorite project so far?

My favorite project here at JAKK has been the Media Mindset podcast. I listen to podcasts daily and I’ve always wanted to have an opportunity to work on one, so I jumped at the chance to do so. It’s been fascinating to learn more about the production process and find new ways to improve it and provide even better quality content to our audience.

What is something you think will change about digital content in the next five years?

I think that direct interactivity in digital content will become fairly commonplace. As consumers are provided with an ever-increasing amount of choice, it’s only natural that we’ll see more choice-based storylines in filmmaking and television. This is something that the gaming industry has been at the forefront of exploring, especially over the past decade. The results are often deeply compelling and immersive in a way that passive storytelling experiences just can’t match.

Additionally, I think that the technology behind augmented reality devices will decrease dramatically in cost and the user experience will be further developed to feel very intuitive and accessible. As a result, they’ll become more deeply integrated into our daily lives inside and outside of our homes than many people can grasp today.

Are there any skills you want to learn or develop more at JAKK?

I’m very interested in learning more about podcast production, increasing the visibility of digital content, and engaging audiences more effectively.

All of JAKK’s sites feature collaborative teams. What’s something impactful you’ve learned from another person at JAKK Media?

I think I’ve learned something from almost everyone I work with at JAKK. If I had to choose one example, I think I’ve learned more about the way in which I want to lead people through observing Kenny, David, Gabe, and Josh. They all maintain consistently positive attitudes and are extremely kind and attentive to everyone they lead, even through the stresses of being such vital facets of the company and working as hard as they do to support it.

Favorite spot to eat in NYC/Austin?

My favorite spot I’ve found in NYC is Sisters in Brooklyn. I love the design of the restaurant… copious amounts of natural light paired with consistent design motifs throughout make the space very easy on the eyes, and the food is excellent.

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