Leveling Up Your Passion with Josh Perault

Episode 14

When’s the last time you dreamed of making your hobby a career? Do you ever fantasize about working with your heroes? What about building a community around the things you love? Josh Perault shows you how to make it happen, whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just interested in growing your own creative projects.

A multimedia editor by day, Josh grew up with a passion for tabletop gaming, particularly Dungeons & Dragons. He channeled that passion into the Taking Initiative podcast, which chronicles his gaming group’s regular sessions. As the community around his podcast grew, Josh saw an opportunity to bring together more like-minded gamers and creatives, and he now organizes international gaming and podcast meetups with legendary gaming companies like Wizards of the Coast (makers of D&D).

Josh is also active in New York City’s thriving fiction podcast scene. In this episode of The Media Mindset, he gives fantastic lessons on networking — without being cheesy — and talks about how he built authentic relationships to grow his projects over time.

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Special thanks to Josh Perault for the wonderful conversation!


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