Kelly Ngo

Meet the Team: Kelly Ngo, Video Editor at Mattress Clarity

Kelly Ngo is a filmmaker and editor with a flair for crafting stories through visuals. As the video editor for Mattress Clarity, she curates the viewer experience through her precise and detailed editing.

Kelly is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors of Science in Radio-Television-Film. Before joining JAKK Media, she worked to create photo and video content for companies such as GoDaddy, C3 Presents, KUTX 98.9 and others.

She first discovered her passion for camerawork through concert photography, and has since then branched out into creative direction, portraiture, and cinematography. Some of Kelly’s proudest moments include touring as a documentarist in Japan and having her portrait photography be featured on Vogue Italia.

On the rare occasion she isn’t behind a camera or computer screen, Kelly enjoys cooking with her boyfriend, buying new plants, curating lineups for local shows with booking group Howdy Gals, and crowd surfing at her favorite venues.

Name: Kelly Ngo
Home Town: Wichita Falls, TX
Current City: Austin, TX
Secret Talent: Shooting steady content in a mosh pit
Favorite Travel Destination: Vietnam! It’s where my family is from so it holds a special place in my heart.

Tell us a little about what you do at JAKKMedia!

I’m primarily the video editor for Mattress Clarity, so I spend my days in Premiere Pro obsessing over tiny details in order to edit together footage for the reviews that you see on the youtube channel. Sometimes I help film too!

What’s a favorite project so far?

I loved working on “Best Weighted Blankets” because I’ve been looking for a weighted blanket and learned a lot as I was editing it!

What is something you think will change about digital content in the next five years?

Digital content will become more accessible for both viewers and creators, and as a result, there will be an even greater shift towards using video as a marketing tool.

Are there any skills you want to learn or develop more at JAKK?

I would love to dive deeper into SEO. In a sea of digital content it’s important to know how to get your content seen.

All of JAKK’s sites feature collaborative teams. What’s something impactful you’ve learned from another person at JAKK Media?

I’ve learned a lot about sound from Josh! Being a more visual person, I’ve always had difficulty understanding something that I couldn’t see. He’s helped me immensely in understanding how to master audio.

Favorite spot to eat in NYC/Austin?

Ramen Tatsuya

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