How Artificial Intelligence Transforms Marketing (And Everything) with Jon Chang

Episode 8

Artificial Intelligence is one of those buzzy phrases that people like to throw around without digging a level deeper. (We’re all guilty of that!) So when you talk to someone on the front lines of AI’s development and growth, a whole new world starts to emerge. It’s at once exciting, intimidating, and a little confusing to start. Spend enough time grappling with the subjects, though, and you’ll find the implications extend to just about every aspect of daily life. Thankfully, this episode of The Media Mindset features Jon Chang, a guest who can guide us through these questions and many more.

Jon Chang is a Global Product Marketer working in IBM Watson’s Marketing Division. He’s also a futurist, keynote speaker, and Forbes 30 Under 30 list-maker for 2019. His path to the cutting edge of AI marketing — and really, digital marketing in a broader scope — was an unpredictable one. Our conversation includes Jon’s learned-from-experience tips for forging a career, relevant for anyone looking to start out on a new path or simply excel along their current trajectory.

Jon’s an expert learner, and his ability to synthesize and use new information left us nearly speechless at a few points — though the way Jon breaks down even the most complex concepts is accessible to an incredible degree. That fearless, knowledge-hungry mindset is crucial for people who, like Jon, are tasked with adapting new technologies for use by all manner of organizations, companies, and individuals.

This is an episode that appeals to the curious futurist in all of us. Stay ahead of the curve and learn about what’s next in tech, marketing, and more by tuning into this episode today!

Connect with Jon on his LinkedIn profile or personal website.

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Special thanks to Jon Chang for the awesome conversation!


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