Hype and the Branding of Cool with Curvel Baptiste

Episode 7

What is cool? What does it mean to be authentic? In the broad space between those too questions, is there room for brands — and not just individual personalities — to exist? These are almost impossible questions, but if there’s a single person who can give great insight here, it’s Curvel Baptiste.

Equal parts innovative artist and guiding light for culture-forward brands, Curvel has been a stalwart of New York City’s creative and artistic scene for two decades. He’s been witness to countless styles and trends, along with their rise, fall, and reconstitution into the cultural and creative spheres. He’s built a profession — one of several he juggles — out of connecting companies with interest groups in ways that remain authentic to those audiences.

Curvel’s is the sort of insight some of the world’s biggest companies look for but too often fail to find. As a Creative Director and Advisor, he guides strategies for everything from native content marketing to influencer acquisition. In recent months, he’s been exploring the men’s grooming industry through groundbreaking work with Squire Technologies, a company dedicated to making style and grooming for men simple.

Hype beasts. Luxury brands. Prison barbers and documentarians. And those are just a few of the many topics we cover here. Don’t miss a moment of our conversation with Curvel.

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Special thanks to Curvel Baptiste for the great conversation!


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