Diversity in TV with Vishaal Reddy

Episode 15

Vishaal Reddy is an actor, writer, singer, and producer passionate about diversity in storytelling. He’s the creator and star of “Insomnia,” a web series that tackles issues of mental health, sex work, ethnic identity, and sexuality. For his work, Vishaal was awarded a covered spot in the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival Creator N.O.W. creators program.

Born and raised in Tennessee, Vishaal has been a working actor in New York’s stage and screen communities for years, but his experiences exposed him to a lack of diversity in those creative communities. And all too often, that homogeneity was intentional. With “Insomnia” and other projects, Vishaal hopes to present more diverse faces and identities on screen, all wrestling with real-world problems.

In this episode of The Media Mindset, we discuss areas where Vishaal thinks creative communities keep coming up short and why people of color are still at a disadvantage when it comes to representation on screen. We also chat about positive steps to remedy that, along with creators he admires for their efforts.

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Special thanks to Vishaal for the wonderful conversation!


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