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Vishaal Reddy The Media Mindset

Diversity in TV with Vishaal Reddy

Vishaal Reddy is an actor, writer, singer, and producer passionate about diversity in storytelling. He’s the creator and star of “Insomnia,” a web series that tackles issues of mental health, sex work, ethnic

Josh Perault

Leveling Up Your Passion with Josh Perault

When’s the last time you dreamed of making your hobby a career? Do you ever fantasize about working with your heroes? What about building a community around the things you love? Josh Perault

Kim Patel

What’s Next in Media with Kim Patel

Old brands, new brands, big brands, small brands: It turns out they’re all making a lot of the same mistakes when it comes to producing digital content. Invest heavily in video, or double

Kamiu Lee - The Media Mindset Podcast

The Ultimate Guide to Influencers with Kamiu Lee

What does it mean to be an influencer? How many followers do you need? Are “micro-influencers” real? And how, exactly, should brands work with individuals on social media? (Hint: There are definitely some