Aliza Vigderman

Meet the Team: Aliza Vigderman, Staff Writer at Security Baron

Looking for the latest in security and smart home news? Aliza Vigderman has got you covered. As a staff writer at Security Baron, Aliza covers the latest and greatest in home security, cybersecurity, and “internet of things” connected devices. After graduating from Brandeis University with a double major in English and Creative Writing and a minor in Journalism, Aliza began her career as a freelance journalist. Before Security Baron, she’s written for websites like SquareFoot,, and the Huffington Post, but it was her love of technology that brought her to JAKK Media. When she’s not chasing the latest lead, she can be found reading in Prospect Park, cooking meals from scratch or working on her downward dog.

Name: Aliza Vigderman
Home Town: Wynnewood, Pennsylvania
Current City: Brooklyn, New York
Secret Talent: Imitating Cher, Alanis Morissette
Favorite Travel Destination: Tel Aviv, Israel

Tell us a little about what you do at JAKK Media!

I write all the news articles for, JAKK Media’s smart home security website. That involves researching articles, interviewing CEOs and engineers, and finally piecing together succinct articles regarding the latest in security and smart home. I also work with our reviews vertical, among other miscellaneous duties.

What’s a favorite project so far?

I’m really excited about a new project I’m working on, a Security Baron podcast that combines pop culture and smart home technology. Yes, it will be pithy.

What is something you think will change about digital content in the next five years?

I’m curious to see how virtual reality will affect the way people read product reviews and news- will screens even exist, or am I too wrapped up in the fictional world of Bladerunner 2049? Remains to be seen.

Are there any skills you want to learn or develop more at JAKK?

I’ve learned so much about digital content working at JAKK, and I would love to learn more about SEO and the business of things.

All of JAKK’s sites feature collaborative teams. What’s something impactful you’ve learned from another person at JAKK Media?

David Tao and Kenny Kline have taught me a million little tricks to improve SEO, from the placement of links to optimizing our headings. It really makes me feel like I’m not just performing tasks, but learning valuable skills that I can implement in all my writing online forever (or at least until Google changes what they’re looking for).

Favorite spot to eat in NYC?

San Marzano in the East Village. $9 homemade pasta. ‘Nuff said.

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